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The entire excursion takes approximately 9/10 hours on foot and 5/6 by bicycle. Given the length of the route, the times include some short stops. If you want to divide the trip into two stages, it is useful to know that the Stoppani refuge is approximately halfway and only 2 km away, in the Pian del Tivano - Cippo area, the C32 bus arrives. There are accommodation options at Pian del Tivano, at the Palanzone refuge and at the Martina refuge.

From Bellagio, to return to Como, the most convenient means of transport is, without a doubt, the C30 bus line. A stop, in front of a tobacconist, is located right at our arrival point. If you want to use the boat, it is useful to know that the Guggiate hamlet is at least a couple of kilometers from the Bellagio pier.

Naturally, the route can be varied as desired. For example, after the Terrabiotta Alp, you can climb to the summit of Mount San Primo and descend to Bellagio following the ridges, passing by the Martina refuge and Mount Nuvolone.

Another interesting variation could be to get off at Lezzeno instead of Bellagio.

Pay attention to water supplies: there are numerous refreshment points but only two fountains. The first shortly after the Palanzone refuge and the second in Rovenza, along the descent towards Bellagio.

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