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Beautiful walk without particular difficulties, recommended for the whole family

and mountain bike enthusiasts, for a full immersion in nature, with breathtaking views of Lake Como and the mountains of the Lariano Triangle.

ITINERARY: Brunate – S. Maurizio – CAO – Monte Boletto – Monte Bolettone
TOTAL DURATION: 2.30 hours

The itinerary starts from the funicular square in Brunate. From here you can continue on foot towards S. Maurizio (906 m.), where you can stop to visit the Volta Lighthouse, a 29 meter high octagonal tower built in 1927 on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Alessandro Volta, from which you can enjoys a wonderful panoramic view.

We continue the climb up to the CAO locality, in via alle Colme, where we find the smallest sanctuary in Europe, dedicated to S. Rita. (On holidays and days before holidays there is a bus service that transports tourists from the funicular square to the CAO).

From the CAO square, continue on foot along a comfortable mule track that enters the woods, for a fairly flat first stretch, then slightly uphill.
This path is also known as the "walk of the huts" because along the way you come across some huts where you can stop for a short break or to taste some gastronomic specialties of the Lariano Triangle.

After about an hour's walk you reach Monte Boletto (1235 m), where you can enjoy a priceless view of Lake Como.
Continuing along the path, after about 45 minutes of walking, you reach Monte Bolettone (1317 m.).
The fittest can continue up to Monte Palanzone (1436 m.) for another 2 hours of walking.

Along the route it is possible to stop for a picnic and sunbathe in complete relaxation.
After spending a beautiful day outdoors, you return to Brunate following the same route as the outward journey.

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