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trekking brunate - bellagio

Brunate trekking - I'll be back

trekking to the Brunate huts

the funicular



Brunate is a town and comune in the province of Como in northern Italy , some 50 kilometers (31 mi) northeast of Milan . It has some 1,800 residents, but is much more populated in summer, when tourists rent houses and apartments .

The town overlooks Como, which lies on the shore of Lake Como some 500 meters (1,600 ft) below. For a short time in the late 12th century Brunate was an independent commune , but in 1240 it reverted to the Suzerainty of Como .

Como and Brunate are linked by a steep, narrow, winding road, and by the Como to Brunate funicular .

Alessandro Volta lived in Brunate for a short period – the Faro Voltiano lighthouse in the San Maurizio district, was built and named in his honour. The Bulgarian poet Pencho Slaveykov died in the town on 10 June 1912.

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